9 Best 20 Degree Down Sleeping Bags of 2021

20 Degree Down Sleeping Bags

Down sleeping bags for a decent night’s rest can be critical. Failure to isolate, ball or damp is a catastrophe formula. Ten of the 20 degree down sleeping bag for most hiking conditions keep you safe and dry. We have researched for you and have taken out 10 of your favorite down sleeping bags. Read on to find your look and desires with the right sleeping bag.

What Are The Best 20 Degree Down Sleeping Bag?

1. Kelty Cosmic 20 Degree Down Sleeping Bag

Kelty Cosmic 20 Degree sleeping bag is suitable for hiking, camping and 3-season backpacking. This sleeping bag offers a perfect mix of value and convenience with a waterproof down isolation and a range of features. Down has an unbelievably soft and relaxing texture, and also offers the highest temperature to weight ratio in every isolation. A draft tube and an insulated hood, behind the 60-inch twin-track bolt, improve thermal efficiency.

2. Duraton Mummy Sleeping Bag 20 Degree Weather

Mummy sleeping bags are built to suit your body and keep your body wet. Includes velcro protection which leaves your face scratchy. The shell of 210T RipStop Nylon means your bag is heavy to sleep. The bag has a 20 F degree ranking and above. Brushed lining flannel gives you the feeling that you’re home in your own house. Insulation is made of 300 GSM Hollow Fibre Polyester which helps to keep your temperature colder during the freezing of the winter and to maintain its insulation capacity even in wet weather conditions. Durable water repellent (DWR) treats Shell, ensuring you remain dry even in wet weather.  All defects are protected. 2 x storage bags are equipped with a compression bag of 10L and a wide 35L Mesh storage bag for home storage. The sleeping sack weights just roughly 3.9 lbs, which makes it excellent for backpacking.

3. Down Mummy Sleeping Bags for Adults 0-20 Degree

The 320T nylon, durable, rip-stop shell, down sleeping bag protects you from getting wet. The microscopic air clusters found in down feathers contain a 1200g duck filler that absorbs moisture and keeps you warm from 0 to 40 degrees. 320T, soft and skin-friendly polyester furnishings, make you feel very relaxed and sleep in it like children or babies. For people up to 6.5ft tall, long size bags are best. The mummy type is capable of locking the sun, minimizing thermal loss.

It is easy to change inside the mummy bag with a double slider zipper. The inside pocket securely holds wallet or devices. Each sleeping bag has a compressing Oxford bag with brace, which is easy to store and hold the sleeping bags, pulling the sleeping bag down to 15.9″x7.9,” which makes it very comfortable. He weights just 3.9 livres and is 81 inches in weight, 30 inches in width on the shoulders, 26 in the legs, 14 in the toe box and 64″ in the shoulder circle. 320T polyester, skin-friendly and light is sleeping bag padding.

4. Kelty Cosmic Synthetic Fill 20 Degree Backpacking Sleeping Bag

Cosmic Synthetic bag has been designed to meet minimum backpacking equipment requirements. Fits sleepers with a weight up to 5ft 8in, load weight 46oz, weight overall 3lbs 12oz, stuff size 16×9 inches. Temperature ratings from 0°C to 40°C to make the journey easy. Custom fit: a wide footbox with natural fit gives your toes a bit more space and options for sleeping length 5’8″ to 6’6.”

5. Sierra Designs Nitro 20 Degree DriDown Sleeping Bag

The sleeping bag of Sierra Designs Nitro is given in 0°F, 20F, 35F, Models Women’s 0F, and Models Women’s 20F. The Nitro comes with DriDown insulation with 800 fills, which is a balanced way to hold weight down without reducing compression and accessibility. The Nitro is remarkably competitive in the weight class, considering its temperatures and prices. The Nitro 35°C weights 1 pound 6, the Nitro 20°F weighs 2 pounds 12 and the Nitro 0°F weighs 2 pounds 8 lbs.

The bag is not cheap, but has much worth relative to the competition. It’s not a budget pack, but in weight, warmth and cost class there are very few sleeping bags in their price and weight class, and we think this is a good buy. The Nitro Nitro sleeping bag of Sierra Designs has a 40-inch zipper running a short distance forward. Longer zippers carry weight and costs, which is potentially why the Nitro zipper was kept shorter by Sierra Designs. The bag has a cozy, ergonomic footbox that keeps your feet wet. You can easily stick your legs out of the bag when you get hot with a zipperless footvent. If the foot ventilation is not in operation, it lays flat and stays warm, so we did not have any unwelcome drafts.

6. Marmot Ironwood 20 Long Mummy Lightweight Down-filled Sleeping Bag

20-degree sleep bag Mummy style for backpacking, hiking and other outdoor activities; Down Defender approved 650 fill power down to increase water resistance in wet weather. For men at a lower limit of about 20 degrees Fahrenheit, EN is considered comfortable. Ground-level seams coil around the body for optimum heat; tricot blowjobs stretch to hold in place insulation that restricts the cold spots. A more wiggle and less heat buildup anatomically shaped footbox. A multi-battel configuration for the nautilus hood reduces your head’s heat loss. Internal stash pocket holds small gear ready; it is easy to organize as you set up camp with a provided stuff bag.

7. Therm-a-Rest Parsec 20-Degree Ultralight Down Mummy Sleeping Bag

Therm-a-Rest Parsec 20-Degree Ultralight Down Mummy Sleeping bag is ideal for the mild weather, hiking and backpacking of three seasons. It provides warmth without weight, complete with 800 filling capacity Nikwax-Hydrophobic Goose Down. Mummy’s building has the hat, the pocket is separated and the tube with the zipper is fitted with a jacket. Reflective thermal capture lines instantly warm up and zoned isolation holds up on top of the bag to capture warm air. Long left-zip bag is 6 inches wide, weights 2.19 pounds, suits up to six feet and carries up to 10×15 inches.

8. Kelty Light Year Down 20-Degree Sleeping Bag

Made of a resistant diamond ripstop polyester coating and a soft microfibre. Even in the dark, differentiated drawcords make fast identification. Chevron box with unequal construction removes cold spots. The hip-length recesser spares weight and is supported by a hose that keeps the cold out.

Light, shiny, inexpensive and very polyvalent. In the desert, in the woods, and by the roadside in the ditches, I have used this. Like someone else said, some minor issues with cold spots. In general, this is a large budget bag that will be good for you between late March and October. Save a little and pick up something smaller and colder if you want a whole season pro level bag that is how I’ve tried to use it.

9. Kelty Tuck 20 Degree Thermapro Sleeping Bag

The sleeping bag Kelty Tuck 20 is fitted with an envelope zipper that cut over the bag. The consumer will then sleep out of the sleeping bag on his feet. For cooler nights, it is enough roomy to incorporate a number of blankets, but is too heavy to camp by car. This package has a bigger inner pocket for a mobile that is wide enough. It’s heavier and less packable than all other bags in our study, but it’s easier to backpack and camp and cheaper for those wanting to stay a little longer. The Tuck is the warmest bag we checked at a temperature of 20 °F and for colder nights most people will start to lie down about 30-35 °F. It has more features than others, but it adds to the weight of the bag and its huge set.


Down sleeping bags are excellent for insulating but rather low weight properties. Sunny bags provide a spot with or without a budget for beginner hikers. Sleeping sacs begin to clump as they get damp, reducing their insulation capacity efficiently. When it gets wet. The thicker your sleeping bag, the greater the weight of the pack. The lighter the room and isolation you have, your sleeping bag. Take the time to size yourself correctly and find a bed bag that will fit perfectly. Taking the weight into consideration. You would be prudent to consider the weight of the bag if you searched for a sleeping bag with hiken or backpacking in mind. The less space and isolation your pack weight can take. Find your goals and choose them. Please note, down is usually considerably lighter than synthetic. Usually, ultra light bags are dropped into 1-2 lbs. Something weighing more than 3 lbs might be a little heavy for walkers.

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