Top 7 Best Mountain Bike Helmets Reviews in 2021

Best Mountain Bike Helmets

These were the wise words, once shared by Eleanor Roosevelt… “The meaning of life is to live it.” True adventurers aspire to test themselves, building on each new experience all the emotional and physical benefits. Brings pleasure, quality and years of life to a higher degree at the same time.

In our childhood, few things surpass the feeling of independence and adventure that first comes from riding a bike, understanding that a whole world has to be crossed and known in front of you. There are adults who reject the feeling and who keep riding one of man’s most magnificent inventions in their lives, by bike, they are able to discover new ways and conquer personal objectives.

Mountain biking is a great activity, perfect for keeping fit and enjoying the nature that surrounds you, but it requires some safety precautions, and we are talking about the main thing today.

Cyclist prevention and safeguards MTB (Mountain biking) casks, reducing the chance of brain injury death. They also defend against extreme weather conditions and reduce the risk of the cyclist on the lane.

When it comes to your favorite sport, your bike helmet is an invaluable asset. It will make a difference in saving your life, whether you are using it or not by providing you with the protection against drops and injuries that you need.

Yet we are looking forward to a flourish of the industry and the design of cycling equipment. There are a wide range of solutions in the mountain bike helmets, so that it is complex and daunting to choose a good one.

Consider determinative factors such as brand, design, manufacturing materials, price and the specific features of each model prior to purchase.

We have compiled a comparison list of the top MTB helmets with you in mind. Check out and find for yourself the right helmet.

Types of MTB helmets

Half-carcass helmets for circuits and cross country: The design of helmets used in road cycling is very similar, although some significant variations must be noticed. The medium shells are covered with a protective cover on your back to protect your head. Most of these models are fitted with visors to shield the faces of the driver from environmental conditions and the natural environment around them. Cross country helmets, as opposed to smooth and polished road cycling helmets, have a matte color and rugged feel.

  • Open helmets for enduro in MTB: The casks are durable and heavy in construction and are safer and resistant, this form of design is needed because the MTB Enduro cyclist has difficult terrain. Furthermore, the design has a partial fan system that minimizes the chance of rocks and other hazardous objects touching the head of the operator.
  • Downhill MTB helmets: The biggest advantage of this helmet is that it offers complete protection for the athlete and also lowers the risk of head injury. It’s a full face or full facial design. However, disadvantages must also be considered, as this shell model on the ventilation system is compromised It is more discomfortable than normal for uphill pedaling.
  • Convertible mountain bike helmets for enduro: It is a magnificent and flexible feature since it sometimes provides all the advantages of a helmet safety But what is best about these models is that they depend on the removable chin, when the opportunities arise, to make it a medium shell.
  • Combat helmet: This form of helmet protects against drops and effects. Yeah, they look better than other helmets on our list. However, they are usually heavy, bulky and warm, they aren’t most effective in fitting your mountain bike.

What to look for when buying an MTB helmet?

Before selecting the final model, it is necessary to take certain factors into account. Remember that knowledge is strength, so take a moment to look and consider before investing.

It’s crucial that you decide exactly what kind of cask is right for you now that you know what styles and what you can do with each of them.

The face helmet is open, lighter, aerodynamic and well airing, but the face fully suits the extreme style of the bike. The helmet is more versatile.

  • Comfort: This is one of the key reasons when you purchase an MTB helmet. Make sure that you have the correct dimension to choose; without being awkward, this should be tight enough for your brain.
  • Weight: Generally the MTB helmets are tiny. Some models have double or triple density covers, which are typically made of polystyrene, to give the consumer a long-lasting product.
  • Security: All available helmets on the market must conform to consumer protection commissions’ requirements and safety measures. However, the selection of a model that responds to the sporting requirements of the activity we perform is critical. Only then can the team give you the security measures required to enjoy your experience to the full.
  • Find the perfect size: One of the key factors in selecting an MTB helmet is to find the correct size. The easiest way to avoid casing this aspect is to calculate the width of your head over your brows and to decide exactly what size is right for you. Helmets for girls. Remember that the shell should be left open to allow you to use glasses, sunglasses or lateral leeway.

What are the best mountain bike helmets

1. Troy Lee Designs Adult

A2 Jet Helmet Troy Lee Designs is a straightforward choice designed for optimum head safety. The helmet has 16 air windings which move the air in, over and out of the helmet and the CoolMax pads keep you dry. The padding is small in comparison to other helmets of its kind, but this is not a result of the strategic positioning and easy adjustability of the pads.

It is light, well-ventilated – ensures the highest quality and MIPS protection. Our Editors Preference is Troy Lee Designs for the best mtb helmet. The A-2 Helmet helmet also protects well the back of the head, so you can get maximum cover whether you wash out the back of the helmet or only happen to strike.

2. POC-Helmet for Mountain Biking

For competitive trail riding and enduro racing, POC Tectal has been especially developed. In case of a head impact, Unibody construction provides you with significant protection. Unique “Aramid” grid will absorb and dissipate impact forces to avoid damage on your skull. Large ventilation openings which were engineered to maximize size and position in a wind tunnel. It features a sun safety adjustable visor and a back gauge when you decide to wear it.

The coat is comfortable and has functionality to keep your head cool and dry. The ventilation design is highly effective, optimized and evaluated through wind tunnel testing. The lightweight adjustment device guarantees a safe and comfortable fit. The 4-point harness system holds your helmet securely on the head and can be fully adjusted.

3. Smith Optics – MTB Cycling Helmet

The Forefront 2 has channels for the storage of eyewear on the front and the back of the helmet, and a highly rotating three-position viewfinder for storage. You will be fit and relaxed with the fitting device and the 4-point harness will hold it onto your head if you crash. The co-polymer design lends the cask the lightest weight, 11 oz. The airflow and the goggle hold straps are wide. They allow good airflow.

It also has a pre-installed mounting bracket to record your bike ride (click here for my bike lights review). The hollow structure of the co-polymer tubes allow considerably better airflow through the helmet, which is not only looks and shields, but also gives you lightweight AND cooler air.

4. Giro Montaro – Cycling Helmet

The multi-directional MIPS MIPS MTB Helmet Giro Montaro helps protect against head injuries during crashes by reducing the movement of your head. The Montaro is also one of the most convenient casks for MTBs on the market.

The shell is long-lasting and prevents both tooth and scratch. The cask also has silver-created anti-microbial pads that prevent bacteria from growing odor. The viewfinder is very large and offers sun protection and a wide range of adjustment.

The helmet ventilations are very efficient to bring air into the helmet so that the head is cooler and drier than most other helmets. It also has an integrated camera mount so you can capture your thrills. The mount is not the best I like, but it does the job. Montaro is protected against MIPS heads and has the best MTB helmet for under $200.

5. Bell Super 3R MIPS Adult Mountain Bike Helmet

Bell Super 3R MTB is a multifunctional helmet for leisure and serious trail riding. The helmet is fully enclosed, airy, has an open field of vision and can handle any safety glass sizes. This device offers you a customized fit, and a good bonus to pick up your best rides (or crashes) from the video is to add to your “Go Pro” camera.

If you’re a pro or more like a pro, this helmet is the trick. It consists of an inner reinforcing Fusion In-Mold Polycarbonate Shell – this helmet packages in all safety features which you would need to go beyond minimum safety requirements. The Bell Super3R Helmet is valuable and comes complete with additional characteristics which make it one of the best full face MTB helmets on the market.

6. Giro Chronicle – Cycling Helmet

The best combination of safety and performance is Giro Chronicle Mountain Bike Helmet. The device offers the highest degree of stability adaptation in shape fit. This helmet is perfect with 14 powerful coolant windings, the light weight design and a supportive, healthy fit. The helmet for the Giro feature is one of my top selections for mounting bike helmets and the best MTB helmet under $100.

7. Fox Racing Bike Helmets 

The Speedframe has 20 large vents that provide excellent airflow. The helmet uses an a bit of an unusual adjustment system called the “Fidlock® SNAP” The visor has 3 positions for adjustment or you can remove it completely by just unsnapping it. It’s one of the heavier helmets out there, but that’s due to the extra polystyrene foam inside the helmet, it’s definitely thicker than many other helmets. Overall the Speedframe is a good helmet at a reasonable price. If you want to go with the Speed frame, you won’t go wrong with the Fox Racing Speedframe .

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